“Pure Rebellion was amazing. I have asked God into my life and surrendered to Him.” Macaylah, Colorado Springs

“This God inspired, Holy Spirit gifted Pure Rebellion program has blessed and changed so many. Only God knows how much the eternal realm has been affected by this ministry.” Jeanne Schmid, Colorado Springs

“Pure Rebellion is incredible. It is by far the most effective ministry for teens and college age I have ever seen in all my years in ministry.” Pastor Rob Verdeyen, Calvary Corvallis

PR Amarillo 2

“My daughter brought friends both nights to PR. Among them was a pagan, several atheists, and scoffers. The event transformed every one of these kids. Some of them come from broken homes, have been used sexually, and one was abused by a sexual predator. My heart is so full right now, I am just sitting at the feet of Jesus and thanking Him with my whole being. Keep up this wonderful ministry.” Sheryl Bankson, Colorado Springs

Salvations, Spirit baptism, testimonies, hip-hop dancing, incredible worship, all at Pure Rebellion tonight. To God be the glory.” Pastor Brandon Cormier, Desperation Student Ministries, New Life Church Colorado Springs

“I was awestruck and blessed to watch so many young people go to the altar to receive Christ or recommit their lives.” Pastor Bill Gehm, Grace Church Amarillo

“Thank you for all you do to reach out and help these kids find God. My nieces along with hundreds of other people accepted the Lord last night at Pure Rebellion and it was beautiful to witness.” Raelene, Colorado Springs

“Last night was awesome! My daughters and I were moved to tears and even though we already know Christ, our lives are changed forever from this event. Praise God for what you guys are doing.” Craig Tomanini, Colorado Springs

“I’m hooked on you guys! That was amazing tonight! Unbelievable how God’s using you all to gather up His children. Thank you!! Sue Benjamin, Salem Oregon

“We’ve been blessed to have hosted five events at Calvary Aurora. The message and delivery of this ministry is dialed into the language of the youth. There were literally hundreds of young people and parents who were touched, cleansed and saved each night. It was a powerful time for our community. Thanks for investing your time and energy into the next generation. God is using you greatly.” Pastor Ed Taylor, Calvary Aurora

“Thank you for your ministry. I cried most of the show and it brought me and my three teenage sons back to the Lord. May God continue using you to save more lives.” Angelia Guevara, Denver Colorado

“We’ve hosted Pure Rebellion at Grace Church twice over the last couple years. I have seen hundreds and hundreds of both teens and adults impacted greatly by this ministry. In all my years of serving, I’ve never seen anything like this.” Pastor James Grizzle, Grace Church Amarillo

“I think Pure Rebellion is awesome. It speaks to where the youth are. I encourage all people of faith to attend this event.” Father Bill Carmody, Respect Life Director, Diocese of Colorado Springs

“This event brought in a crowd that would not normally come to church. God used Pure Rebellion to reach down and transform people’s lives for His glory. I look forward to seeing what God is going to continue to do through this ministry.” Pastor Eric Cartier, Rocky Mountain Calvary

“Pure Rebellion was a mind-blowing experience.” Kim Bennett Pracht, Denver